Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fake Padlock

This is a fun visual gag that you can use to make anything look like it is padlocked. This project uses a standard padlock and hasp. The only thing that we are changing is the screws. Cut off the threads of the screws and file down the cut end. Then glue the cut screw heads into the holes of the hasp. This will give the appearance that they are screwed into whatever surface that you mount it on. To hold everything in place put a piece of double sided tape on the back side of the hasp. Attach the padlock and have fun putting it on random things. A lot of people won’t look close enough to notice that it is fake. It is especially fun to confuse people by putting it on surfaces like glass that generally can’t have hardware mounted to it.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reusable Party Poppers

With New Years Eve coming up, many people will be buying party poppers. These are a fun way of making noise and shooting confetti around the room at the same time. But some party poppers are extra fun because they can be reused over and over. These are usually the variety that activates by turning a dial at the base. They are reusable because they use a spring rather than a fire cracker to propel the contents. 

Here is how you reuse it. Line up the slot on the plunger with the holding key. Press the plunger down with a screw driver. Once the key fits through the slot, turn the dial to lock it in place.

Then you have a mini launcher to shoot anything that will fit in the tube. You can load it with your own confetti. You can make a mini potato cannon. You can fill it with rice the next time you go to a wedding and launch it at the bride and groom. Use your imagination and have fun.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Present Shake Prank

We all know someone who shakes their presents to try to figure out what's inside. This project is the perfect thing to give someone who does this. It's a box that plays prerecorded sounds whenever an internal shake sensor is activated. So when they go to shake their present, they hear broken glass or a kitten crying or whatever you want to record to mess with them.

For step by step directions, check out my Instructables page: