Friday, October 30, 2015

Magic Wand Flashlight

This year for Halloween, my son wanted to be a wizard. To go with his wizard costume, I made him a flashlight in the shape of a magic wand. To make it even cooler, I designed the wand so that it is turned on with a magnetic reed switch built into the handle. That way when my son picks up the wand with a magnet hidden inside his glove or on a ring, the light will magically turn on. But when anyone else picks up the wand, it won't do anything. I had a lot of fun making this project and my son had a blast playing with it.

For full step by step instructions on how to make this project, check out the instructable:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Controlling Halloween Effects with DIY Infrared Remote Controls

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to create fun special effects. When you want to be able to control props and effects remotely, one good option is to use an infrared remote control. So in this project, I am going to show you some simple remote controlled effects that you can set up in your haunted house this year.

For detailed step by step instructions on ho to build this project, check out the instructable: