Monday, September 29, 2014

PC Box Fan

Whenever I upgrade a computer, I always try to salvage and reuse as many of the old parts that I can. One part that I have collected a lot of over the years is the cooling fan. You find these in power supplies, on CPU's and in tower cooling systems.

So what do you do with a bunch of small fans? You combine them into one big fan. In this project I take 16 PC cooling fans and mount them together to make a single 12 volt box fan. It is thin, light weight, strong, and quiet. It also stores easily. It can fit behind furniture or in a packed car. It can be powered by your computer's power supply, an AC adapter, or a 12 volt car battery.

For step by step instructions, check out the instructable:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Doorbell that Can Turn On a Light Instead of Playing a Tone

When I am using power tools in my workshop, I can't hear the doorbell ring. So I needed some other kind of system that can let me know when someone is at the front door.

I use a wireless doorbell system. This lets you set up multiple receivers without having to run wires all over your house. I also added the option to switch between audible chimes and flashing lights. That way you can still have a traditional doorbell but you are also able to silence it if someone is sleeping.

For step by step instructions, check out the Instructable:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stick Bombs (Exploding Kinetic Art)

The term "Stick bomb" is used to describe a broad category of kinetic art. A stick bomb can be almost anything that is constructed from flat sticks that are woven together and held under pressure. When a key stick is removed the entire structure flies apart. Designs range from simple single cell bombs that you can hold in your hand to massive chains and grids that are made of thousands of sticks.

In this project, I am going show you how to make a few classic stick bomb designs. So put on your safety glasses and let's get started.

For step by step instructions, check out the instructable: