Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to make impromptu camera stabilizers

Shaky footage can really ruin an otherwise great video. In the film industry, one way that they prevent camera shake is with camera stabilizer systems like the Steadicam and the Fig Rig. Unfortunately most amateur film makers don't have access to this kind of professional equipment. But you can use the operating principles behind these systems to make simple DIY camera stabilizers. While these homemade systems are not as good as the professional gear, they are significantly better than simple hand held shooting. Another advantage is that they much more affordable. Professional stabilizers can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, whereas a DIY stabilizer will at most cost you a few dollars.

I show two simple examples. One uses a standard tripod and the other uses just a piece of 2x4 and a bolt. There are any number of things that you can use. Just follow these principles:
1: Adding weight to the camera increases its inertia and dampens shaking.
2: Spacing out the hand grips reduces the effect of random hand movements/

For step by step instructions for this project, check out my Instructables page:

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